"The Frankfurters are in a class of their own! They provide not only
authentic German Music, but are a top notch show band as well.
The band members are all talented on their traditional instruments, but play bells, saws, and alpine horns as well. They truly entertain the crowd with their wit, yodeling contests and 'Prosit' toasts to the point they are dancing on the tables. (Not really encouraged though) They have been entertaining my customers during Oktoberfest season for the last 20 years."

Keith S. Morgan
Former General Manager
Buffalo Brewpub


"Möchte mich bei Dir und Deinen Musikern nochmals recht herzlichst für die gute musikalische Begleitung beim diesjährigen Oktoberfest in Rochester-Irondequoit bedanken....vielen Dank für die hervorragende musikalische Unterstützung!"

("Allow me to sincerely thank you and your musicians for the great musical accompaniment at the annual Rochester-Irondequoit Oktoberfest - many thanks for the splendid musical support!) -

Richard Brandl, Bavarian world-class yodeler.


"I have enjoyed the music of the Frankfurters German Band for the past twenty-five years.  They are authentic German entertainers who offer a variety of songs, alpine horns, and Austrian Bell Ringers for a full night of fun.  They truly carry on traditions that we all cherish."

Rev. Msgr. John W. Zeitler

Pastor emeritus (deceased)- Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

Lakeview, NY