From big-tent fests to intimate receptions, the exciting sound of The Frankfurters has been enjoyed since 1982 by audiences all across the Northeast United States and southern Ontario, as well as throughout the German-speaking regions of Europe. During their overseas tour of 1987, The Frankfurters thrilled crowds with their special brand of entertainment in shows at the Casino in Luzern, Switzerland, the Kongress Salle in Innsbruck, Austria, in Munich, Germany's  venerable Augustiner Keller, and on stage in the world famous HOFBRÄHAUS! They have performed in the Catskills including at the German Alps Festival at Hunter Mountain, New York, and Riedlbauer Resort at Round Top as well as elsewhere in New York, Pennsylvania and New England.




  Jim Pace - Tuba


Jim Pace
Tuba, Electric Bass, and Vocals
Jim performs with a wide variety of musical groups including the Amherst Symphony Orchestra, the Buffalo Brass Quintet, the Tin Roof Dixieland Band, and cello with the Allegro Strings and the Cheektowaga Symphony.. He also plays the fife in a Civil War reenacting fife and drum corps.
Jim earned his bachelor's degree in music education from SUNY Fredonia, his master's from the University at Buffalo and also studied at the Hochschule für Musik in Graz, Austria.  He is the retired orchestra director at Lake Shore Senior High School.





Matt "Matthias" Miraglia

Trumpet and Flügelhorn

Matt is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. In addition to The Frankfurters, Matt performs professionally with the Buffalo Brass Quintet and the Clarence Summer Orchestra. He has also been the principal trumpet with the Amherst Symphony Orchestra since 2010. Matt is the band director at Hamburg Middle School.



  Seppl Bernard - Clarinet



Joseph “Seppl” Bernard
Clarinet, Saxophone, and Vocals
Seppl plays lead alto saxophone in the Hamburg Village Band as well as tenor saxophone in the Erie County Wind Ensemble. Seppl is a valued member of many professional orchestras and bands throughout the Buffalo area including his own popular group, The Pyramid Big Band. In The Frankfurters, Seppl also plays the Bavarian Cowbells.




Frank "Franz" Reino


Frank began playing accordion at age 7 after watching his uncle play Italian music. Learning by ear until 12 when he began taking lessons, the lessons lasted only 2 months when it was decided Frank was incorrigible and not adaptable to formal training. Today he plays accordion solo and with the Italian group "Cugini Italiani" as well as with The Frankfurters. In order to be considered "cool" in high school he took up bass guitar and today can be seen playing with several local blues, rock, jazz and folk groups. When not playing music, he is self-employed as an amplifier technician and works as an engineering technician at Servotronics.



 Paul Pfitzinger - Baritone



Paul “Pfitz” Pfitzinger
Baritone Horn,Trombone, and Vocals
Pfitz has been playing in German bands since 1972. He also played Dixieland trombone with 23 Skidoo and the French Quartet. In addition to his unique brand of humor, Pfitz plays the Swiss Alphorn as well as the “singing saw” to add to The Frankfurters
' Bavarian show.



Mitch "Schnell" Quick 

Drums and Vocals

Mitch began his musical career in his early teens with a rock and roll band. From the late sixties to the present, Mitch has been involved in various aspects of theatre productions in the Western New York area, including acting, technical direction,and video production. In demand as a sound technician, Mitch mixed several previous Frankfurter recordings along with the acclaimed “Schallplattenfest” recording.

Mitch Quick - Drums 








Chris Chaffee, aka Kristoff

An audio professional for 25 years, Chris specializes in production of the untypical and the non-standard.  A very diverse group of clientele in the theater and orchestral world include the Buffalo Gateway Show Chorus, the Richmond Pops Band and the Allegheny College Choirs and Wind Symphony.  Chris currently operates Chaffee Sound Productions, a company whose main focus is live audio production with services ranging from sound reinforcement to maintenance and installation.  Over more than two decades, Chris has traveled throughout North America as well as Europe making hundreds of recordings for numerous professional ensembles including the US Air Force Band Airmen of Note, Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra and The United States Army Jazz Ambassadors.  As the newest addition to The Frankfurters, Chris is proud and excited to add German beer to his vast musical repertoire.


  Mark Percy - Soundman


Mark Percy, aka Deutsch Mark

Mark started out as a bass player in a garage band but quickly graduated to rhythm guitar because it required less talent. Along the way the tone deaf, colorblind and talent-free musician realized he'd be better off behind the curtains running lights and sound. With a Science Education degree from UB he began working at Williamsville North, where he has been the stage crew advisor for many years and has fooled countless parents and administrators into thinking that he knows what he's doing.


Bill Ross, aka Wilhelm Dieter
Wilhelm began his career wrestling professionally under the guise of The Hypnotist in the mid-1980's. He quickly gained the attention of uber-fan Aaron Spelling, and was cast in the lead of Alois in the popular night time jiggle-TV soap opera The Schnickelgrubers.  After a bizarre in-ring accident left him inexplicably unable to speak German, he became a sound technician for the short-lived Austrian hardcore band The Waldheims. In addition to his work with
The Frankfurters, Will is a live recording enthusiast and schnizel pounder in Kaisertown.

  Bill Ross - Soundman






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